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Ashcroft House & Our Seaside Neighbourhood

Our Beautiful Quiet Seaside Location

We are in the quiet residential area of downtown Victoria known as James Bay. James Bay is the perfect haven with heritage homes, whimsical gardens, and friendly neighbours that make you feel as at home here as we do! Ashcroft House heritage registered B&B & Inn in beautiful downtown Victoria BC is one short block to the ocean and just a half block to spectacular Beacon Hill Park.

Serene Seaside Strolls 1 block from the house

I love the fresh clean salt air of the pacific ocean; add in the stunning view of the Olympic Peninsula Mountain Range and we are just one block from some of nature’s best gifts! The Dallas road waterfront provides not only stunning views across the Straight of Juan de Fuca but almost 5km of paved seaside paths for you to enjoy. The perfect backdrop for an afternoon stroll, photographing our captivating sunsets, or even that early morning run before breakfast. This may be a perfect way to work up an appetite for my famous scones! I have honestly never really counted all the beach access points but there are several along the waterfront path. There are staircases or pathways down to the beautiful stretches of rustic beaches where you will be soothed with the sounds of the waves. Some of these beaches are quaint and private, some filled with windsurfers and kite boarders getting ready to experience their second to second adventures; others are simply a fun adventure. Pick up treasures along the paths that connect them. Traversing some of the beaches may be a lot dryer with a low tide! Bring your camera or a picnic and let the pacific ocean entertain you!    Officially placed in the City of Victoria’s trust in 1882 Beacon Hill Park is one of our city’s true gems! The park is roughly 200 acres of beautifully landscaped and manicured grounds. It is a peaceful stroll through the twisty old Garry Oak trees, deep red Arbutus trees, and all the other colourful blooms found in the many diverse gardens. You will not want to miss picturesque Goodacre Pond. It’s always fun to watch the multiple species of ducks and herons calling the pond home especially if someone is feeding them. You can also practice your photography if one of our many residents choses to fan it’s colourful tail. There are about 30 peacocks roaming around the park, their home is the children’s petting zoo and they love flying over the fencing and wandering around the park to entertain us. Beacon Hill Park also has a putting green, cricket field, tennis court, children’s play areas, a bandstand with music every weekend all summer long, and even a 128 foot tall totem pole that was once boasted as the tallest totem pole in the world. Just before I go and leave the rest of the park for you to discover on your own I have to mention the majestic great blue herons. Once a thriving Blue Heron Rookery there were no less than 30 nesting pairs arriving every spring making our park their home. These majestic birds are slowly retuning to the park after an eagle attack a couple of years ago and we look forward to increasing numbers in the years to follow. The heron featured in our photos here is rumored to have fallen out of one of the nests and a local resident began feeding him. He arrives mid afternoon and really enjoys his photograph taken, a superb model! After years of modeling for your photos, he is quite tame. You can get within 5 feet or closer for that perfect photograph, that is until he feels like stretching his wings and flying up to the tree across the pond. We hope you’ll get the chance to have him pose for you!

Once the tallest totem pole in the world, Beacon Hill Park