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Victoria BC Attractions


Victoria B.C. Attractions


Come and play in our back yard!

Thank you for choosing our Victoria Inn B&B accommodation, we know your new ‘home-away-from-home’ will embrace you in its warmth. Your reservation at Ashcroft House bed and Breakfast in Victoria BC is just the start of planning your perfect Vancouver Island adventure. We know you will be incredibly comfortable and at home here; even if a little full after breakfast!


We can assist in making your Victoria, BC getaway everything you are envisioning, and so much more! We are happy to give you the following information of the attractions that our beautiful harbour city has to offer. As an aside; Victoria is Vancouver Islands historic jewel, the destination of so many travelers, we often get inquiries for Victoria Island, British Columbia. Tourism has been the number one industry in past decades for good reason. Our temperate climate, diverse topography, natural coastal eco-systems, and the hospitable island atmosphere is hard to resist. So hard to resist in fact, tourism is now third in industry rankings. It seems more and more people who discover our Vancouver Island lifestyle come back – and stay!


The first and second top industries are the tech industry, and of course our BC. Government, housed in the majestic Parliament Buildings. Once you have adventured out and dined for several nights in our beautiful city you will likely agree, Victoria is a world class city! And oh; the delightful food choices you have! The culinary expertise on Southern Vancouver Island is highly competitive and highly creative; our local chefs will tantalize your palates with their use of our local farming communities fresh products and that might be just enough to catapult our food industry to the fourth position. Your taste buds will definitely enjoy the diversity.


We hope the information posted on our Attractions Victoria page will enable you to plan the perfect southern Vancouver Island adventure. We have tried to make our list as unique as our guests, we know there is a perfect adventure waiting just for you. Enjoy our beautiful southern Island and all it has to offer for your travel experience. At Ashcroft House we want your Island experience to be perfect, enjoy our historic Victoria b&b downtown and all our island playground has to offer! If you need additional information please feel free to email and we will do our best to assist.


Victoria Attractions

Go ahead, personalize Victoria, make it your city!

By the way – are you sure you have enough days to experience all of your new city??

I am always adding new ideas to our attractions page so keep checking back for more inspirational trip planning!


Discover Victoria’s Past

Take a fascinating walking tour with John Adams, well-known local historian and author. Tours take place throughout the year and vary by season. In the summer, Ghostly Walks every night and Discovery Walks every day are favourites. Check the website for full details about all of John Adams’ programs: or call him at (250) 384-6698.

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