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The Breakfasts


Ashcroft House B & B really is all about the breakfast

Nutritionists have declared breakfast to be the most important meal of the day and we do our best to make it the best meal of the day. This is not to say that we haven’t focused on the comfort of our guest rooms, and the convenience of our amenities, but we want to be sure your breakfast is as memorable as the beds! Since our first day, June 1st 2005, David & I have paid careful attention to all guest comments and feedback. It quickly became apparent our breakfasts were appreciated not only for the sumptuous daily creation, multitude of courses, and baggies? Yes the winning feature seems to be the ziplocks we happily provide so you may save your scones to savor with your cup of afternoon tea, that is if you can resist temptation! There is something so appealing about a fresh baked scone, still warm from the oven just calling out for a bit of butter to melt. We want to be sure your stay at Ashcroft House is true comfort, an appreciative balance of a historic home, modern amenities, and of course a breakfast to write home about; the perfect Victoria Bed and Breakfast experience.

When we started our new adventure I did know one thing for sure, everything would be homemade. David is a wonderful cook ( I could never make a crepe that thin!), yet try as I might I couldn’t encourage him to bake muffins – and no way were our scones coming from the supermarket. So I rolled up my sleeves, washed my hands, and started cutting, mixing, and folding, taking on this new adventure of baking! Well, I had fun. So much fun that I started experimenting with different muffins and scone recipes, most days serving both. Little did I know at the time we were building the foundation for our growing repeat clientèle base. Life is curious, and even with your best planning things just seem to fall into a place of their own, thus our famed 4-course breakfast was born. Now that I think about it there really is nothing like the scent of fresh home baking to match the historic bed and breakfast experience.

OK, so if you have read this far I promise not to try your patience any further – I know the real answer you are seeking is posed by the question “What’s for Breakfast”.

Upon your arrival the breakfast table is set with traditional oat Granola, healthy Muesli (whole grain flakes and over 50% nuts and seeds), all to be topped with milk or our local Island Farms dairy French Vanilla Yogurt, this really is a must try. It is a nice light starter for you while David and I get everyone settled, your coffee & tea poured.

Course number two is our daily fresh fruit mix. We do our best to pick the sweet, ripe fruit, choosing organic if possible and slice it fresh every morning for your enjoyment. Usually two or three complimentary fruits are featured. Even I like grapefruit when David pairs it with watermelon, topping it with a sassy Roobos & honey sauce.

By now you are likely wondering how I can keep the scones in the oven that long because the aroma of fresh baked muffins & scones is truly creating an appetite you didn’t know you had! The real trick is for you to pace yourself and remember that “breakfast” is yet to come. Can you save them for the baggie?

Having come this far we certainly want to be sure the grand finale is just that. The fourth course is definitely worth saving room for and just to keep it interesting we vary the ‘main’ daily between savory and sweet. You may enjoy our melt in the mouth omelet – a special blend of swiss, parmesan, and tarragon, next our light and fluffy lemon buttermilk pancakes – even better on the days I top them with warmed healthy blueberries, lemon curd, and fresh toasted almonds. Maybe the new day will start with David’s incredible homemade chocolate crepes served with fresh baked cinnamon apples or my parmesan and thyme fritata soufflé. Whatever the morning holds we hope you enjoy all our creations and for multiple night bookings – you’ll never eat the same thing twice – unless of course by request.

I have just created a new recipe page for the website, I hope you find inspiration for your next weekend brunch party or the recipe of your favorite dish served here during your Victoria visit. We do our best to make all our creations healthy and delicious, please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies and we are happy to accommodate you. If your allergy happens to be wheat then I am proud to offer gluten free muffins and scones (yes the scones too) that are so good the whole table can enjoy the same baking, and they’ll never even know!

Our four course mornings really are an event in themselves. Make some new friends, enjoy our daily creation, and start your day in Ashcroft House style! Come and savor our downtown Victoria Heritage B & B!

As my mother always says “if you make it with love it will always turn out”